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Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I am Jorge Navarro, Founder of ” What My Business Needs”. I have a Bachelors of Science in Multimedia Design and Development and a Masters of Business Administration. I have been in the business of helping people for as long as I can remember, but settling down  has been difficult. For the last 18 years in addition to helping clients with their business I have been in the Military. Serving my country has always been an Honor, but settling down and  committing to a physical location to serve my clients has been difficult. While I was in the  military I was always leaving at a moment’s notice and because of this I could never commit more than freelancing to my clients. Now after 18 years of service I am out of the military. While it’s difficult to leave the military after so many years of dedication, it now allows me to give you ” the business owner” my undivided attention. A little about me, as I stated above I proudly served my country for the past  18 years, however an unforeseen incident did now allow me to stay in due to my limitations.

In the military I went to a lot of places, places that more times than I can remember put my life at risk, but the outcome was not only coming home alive but coming home with the ability to work well under pressure and find solutions to issues many saw unsolvable. While planning my return to continue serving my clients, I also wanted to find a way to thank those clients whom adjusted every time I had to leave due to my military service. I knew the services my clients offered and that got me to thinking, ” Why only offer my services when I can also offer my clients services as well. After all, we are all serving a “need.” This is where ” What My Business Needs” came to exist. I understand that as a business we aren’t only looking for the best deal, but more,  business owners who deliver the product or service they offer. 

With this in mind, I decided that if we vetted business owners whom were our clients and only offer their services once they are verified, we can remove the stressor that comes with hiring someone. At ” What My Business Needs” we make sure the product or service a business offers are verified before posting their business information in our ” Affiliate Listings.” With our ” Affiliate Listings” we are now able to serve more needs, with the peace of mind that a client is going to get what they are looking for. Visit our services section and learn what services ” What My Business Needs” has to offer or visit ” Affiliate Listings” to see what services our clients are offering. Contact us now and see how we can help you or how you can join our team in helping other business owners. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Vision

A business needs a lot of exposure to find the consumers it needs. Having business exposure means consumers know your business exists. But what happens once people know your business exists? Now they need a place  to find unanswered questions about your product or service. A consumer does not mind finding information about your business on an advertisement magazine or through a personal referral, however to consider your business credible and its existence they want to know you have a physical location before doing business with you. 

This is why many business owners consider getting a full-time office or a virtual office to gain consumer’s confidence. This is the same with online presence.  With the existence of social media, you have a lot free exposure for your business, but without a personal website the confirms the existence of your business, you are limiting the potential of your business. Having a personal website shows those who are not in your personal circle that you are an established business and that they can trust doing business with. This is where we come in. We are here to help create your online presence whether you are a start-up business or have been established for years. Contact us today and let us see how we can help you. Together we can start the road to establishing the online presence you need. 

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We having been working with clients on Multimedia Design and Website Development since 2003. We started with basic HTML single page website design to where now we can use multiple platforms to bring you what your business needs in a fraction of the time. We are very exited to offer our clients more products and services, giving them a better image to their potential clients in less time by working with only one company.

Jorge Navarro & Reina Navarro

Multimedia Design and Website Programming, What My Business Needs

We love working one on one with business owners. More than a business it’s been our passion to help business owners reach their greatest potential and help consumers see the products and services they are missing on. We have helped business reach their greatest potential since 1990, since marketing consisted of door to door marketing. Now with the time changing and with multiple social platforms available to reach more people, we are very exited to continue helping businesses and consumers find each-other through a broader perspective. We treat every business as our own, because by you joining our team you’ve become a part of us. Call us today and let’s take your business to the next level.

Miguel Sanchez

Business Relations Specialist & Marketing Executive , What My Business Needs

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